16: Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber

Poster of Dumb and Dumber. (Photo by Luke Geddes/SAIT Polytechnic)

Poster of Dumb and Dumber. (Photo by Luke Geddes/SAIT Polytechnic)

“If I know Mary as well as I think I do, she’ll invite us right in for tea and strumpets.” – Lloyd Christmas (Carrey)

Starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. Directed by the Farrelly Brothers.

Production Budget: $17 Million. — Opening Weekend: $16.3 Million.


Rotten Tomatoes: 64%

MetaCritic: 39/100

Lazy Goomba: 9/10

Plot Summary

Two absolutely idiotic but lovable friends, named Harry and Lloyd, find themselves in possession of a suitcase full of money that is not theirs.  It belongs to a woman named Mary Swanson who Lloyd is madly in love with, so they set out on a cross country trip to return it to her.  As they face the urges of spending some of the money, they also find themselves (or rather don’t) being chased down by two criminals hired by the Swanson family. Will they make it to Mary in time?

Lazy Goombas Thoughts

The Good: This movie brings back so many good childhood memories so it is hard to dislike it. Jim Carrey being Canadian adds even more reason to like it. But this is just such a hilarious movie. Yes, I agree that it is stupid humour, but if you already know that you don’t enjoy that kind of stuff, then just do not watch it. But for people who laugh at funny things, you will love this (if you haven’t already watched it which every should have by now). My favourite scene by far is when Harry (Daniels) lights himself on fire at the gas station. Either that, or the one where he goes to the bathroom  in Mary’s house and…. Let’s just say things unfold.

The Bad: NOTHING! This is one of my favourite classic comedies. This along with Happy Gilmore are easily in my top five.

The Sequel: AND NO I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT HORRIBLE “WHEN HARRY MET LLOYD” SEQUEL! I am talking about “Dumb and Dumber to”. YES “TO”! That is such a hilarious title. And also, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are back at it, which will be mind blowing. And so will Jennifer Lawrence, which is always a bonus.

Lazy Goomba
Movie Critic/Cat Enthusiast



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