8: Django Unchained

Django Unchained

“Django. The D Is Silent.” – Django

Starring Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio. Directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Production Budget: $100 million — Opening Weekend: $30 million.







Rotten Tomatoes: 88%

MetaCritic: 81/100

Lazy Goomba: 9.7/10

Plot Summary

It is 1858, and Dr. King Schultz (Waltz), a prestiguous bounty hunter, is on a search for a man named Django. Upon finding him, he explains to Django (Foxx) that he has a job for him, and in return promises to help Django find his wife. After travelling around together, Schultz becomes familiar with Django, and they soon become friends. Dr. King Schultz, with the help of Django, “bounty hunt” criminals as they inch closer to finding the location of Django’s wife.

Lazy Goomba’s Thoughts

The Good: This movie absolutely blows me away. Every time I watch it, which is many, I find more and more aspects that I like about it. The script, the cinematography, the acting, and essentially everything else involved in making a film was done well with this one. I may be slightly bias, because I think Tarrantino is superb 95% of the time (minus maybe Grindhouse…). Seriously though, Waltz is easily one of my favorite characters to hit a movie screen, as Dr. King Schultz, and his horse Fritz (bows head). This plot has humor, twists, ACTION, and is overall such an uplifting message and portrayal of such dark events in history. I know some people don’t like the language, or the gore, but I think it worked perfectly. Also, who else can mix modern day hip-hop/rap into a 1850’s era plot?…… NO ONE!

The Bad: ……………….NOTHING!

The ‘BadAss’est: Easily one of the most badass and most “tough-guy” lines in history, that also sent chills down my spine was when Django finds the man who had previously enslaved him. When he was being held by that man, and his wife was being whipped, he was begging the man to stop, to which he said to Django, “I like the way you beg, boy.” Eventually Django gets his revenge and after shooting the man, he says with pride, “I like the way you die, boy.” BAMF.

“I like the way you die, Boy” – Django

Lazy Goomba
Movie Critic/Cat Enthusiast


One thought on “8: Django Unchained

  1. Have to admit, as much as I felt a little bit shortchanged by Django, your review definitely reminded me of the best bits of it! Especially the soundtrack and that bad ass line, ‘I like the way you die, boy!’. I can’t remember a line in recent cinema that was so cool!! 🙂

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