3: Don Jon Review

Don Jon

“There’s only a few things I really care about in life. My body. My pad. My ride. My family. My church. My boys. My girls. My porn.” – Don Jon (Gordon-Levitt)

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tony Danza, Scarlett Johansson, and Julianne Moore. Directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Production Budget: $6 Million — Opening Weekend Gross: $8.6 Million





Rotten Tomatoes: 82%

Metacritic: 66/100

Lazy Goomba: 8.2/10

Plot Summary

Jon Martello has a few things he can’t live without: His pad (apartment), his ride, his family, his church, his women and, of course, his porn. Getting the nickname Don Jon, in regards to how he brings home good looking women every night. But it seems that no matter how gorgeous these girls may be, nothing brings him the same serenity as watching computer pornography. Unsatisfied with the way things are, he winds up learning lessons about the way love works and how to be emotionally involved along with physically. This happens, though, with two very different women, in age and in personality.

Lazy Goomba’s Thoughts

The good: So this was Joseph Gordon –Levitt’s first directing gig, so in that aspect I find this movie to be very impressive. He is a very talented actor, but that doesn’t always mean you will be successful as a director. I think he did a very good job, and expressed a message that is extremely prominent in society today. Men have these fantasies of how a woman should be, and vice versa, women feel that men should be a certain way. In reality we are all unique and you can’t live life with such unrealistic expectations. I feel as though that is the key message in his film, and to direct a movie that expresses this message so clearly but also involves humour and dramatics is very admirable. A job well done, Mr. Gordon-Levitt.

The Bad: I guess when it comes to movie reviews it is all personal opinion, and how you see things. For me, there wasn’t very much wrong with this movie. The odd cheesy part, that felt slightly out of place, but nothing I can pin point with great detail. I dislike how Scarlett Johansson comes across in this movie, but I figure that is kind of the point in the end.

The “naaasty”: So this movie DOES involve some pornographic frames. But it is all edited and put together EXTREMELY well in my opinion. Just another round of applause for a guy who can find a way to include porn in his first ever directing gig and get some rather good reviews for it.

My Favorite scenes were when Gordon-Levitt (right) and Tony Danza (left) would go at it

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