1: Breaking Bad

I have been keeping up with the series Breaking Bad since it first started. The transformation Walt has gone through is almost unbelievable. From a chemistry teacher to a hardened criminal with numerous murders on his record… Slightly unbelievable, wouldn’t you say?

He has only gotten worse as each new episode goes on. He seems to have completely lost his mind by this point, and despite his original predicament (lung cancer) I am starting to really not feel any sympathy towards his character.




In this most recent episode, there is a shootout between Hank, Jesse, and Hank’s partner against the current drug dealing team of Todd and his uncle. Hank is shot and killed along with his partner during this exchange. Walt expresses human emotion with the death of Hank as he crumbles over in sadness, as REAL HUMAN TEARS come streaming down his evil face. As he lies on the ground he notices Jesse Pinkman (his former drug dealing partner) hiding underneath one of the cars. Instead of keeping his mouth shut, he tells Todd’s uncle exactly where he is hiding. This being the boy who Walt used to teach, became close with and used to consider him family. As Jesse is seconds away from having his head blown off, they decide to keep him around as a slave who’s only job is cooking good meth.

That brief description does not even come close to explaining the events that happened in last nights episode. All I can say is I hope Walt makes up for his stupid actions, and has a really smart plan to save Jesse. But at this point I really doubt it.


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